We believe that knowing Christ is a journey where we learn more each day we open our hearts to God’s call on our lives. As a church family, we participate in this work through study, prayer, and worship. Below is a list of offerings that touch on these three areas.

  • more details Altar Guild
    The altar guild consists of men and women volunteers who are called to the ministry of serving at the Lord’s altar. These devoted servants prepare the church for the various services through the week, as well as the regular Sunday worship. This includes changing of the colored vestments in the church according to the liturgical season of occasion, setting the communion vessels in proper order, providing the elements for the service, cleaning the vessels after usage, maintaining candles and special liturgical appointments as well as cleaning of used linens.
  • more details Adult Choir

    Sundays 11:45 am - 12:30 pm in the choir room

    Anyone who wants to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" is welcome to join the adult choir at Christ Church. Music is a large part of our worship service and the choir provides essential leadership for congregational participation in hymns and service music, as well as anthems. Some individuals in our choir have graduate degrees in music. Others can’t read music very well. All join happily in the singing of praises and the worship of the Holy One.
  • more details Lectors
    Lectors, who are also called readers, lead worship by conducting the prayers of the people and by reading the lessons on Sundays and special holy days. A lector needs to have good public speaking skills. In private he or she needs to be a person of prayer and study in order to familiarize themselves with the Word and prayers before leading a congregation in the same.
  • more details Lay Eucharistic Ministers
    Although the name may be a tongue twister these two roles are an important part of our life together at Christ Episcopal Church. Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assist the clergy by serving as a chalice bearer or assisting with the distribution of the bread. Lay Eucharistic Visitors take communion from the altar to anybody who is home bound, in the hospital, a resident of a nursing home, or otherwise unable to attend services. You may serve in each role separately or both on a Sunday.
  • more details Ushers
    The primary responsibility of the usher is greeting worshipers and extending the ministry of hospitality on behalf of the parish family. Ushers help participants find seats, distribute programs, pass the offering plates and guide communicants to the altar for receiving Holy Communion. They also stand ready to assist anyone in church who might find a special need arising.
  • more details Acolytes
    All adults or youth age 5 and up are welcome to participate as an acolyte. Acolytes assist in worship by carrying a processional cross, lighting candles, holding the Gospel book, carrying candles or "torches", assisting deacons or priests as they prepare and clean the altar, handing the offering plates to the ushers, and many other tasks as seen fit by the priest. Training is available to teach you how to carry out your role as acolyte, and the priest, deacon or fellow acolytes are always able to help you during the service. Don't hesitate to serve, perfection is never necessary and mistakes are never frowned up!