We believe that knowing Christ is a journey where we learn more each day we open our hearts to God’s call on our lives. As a church family, we participate in this work through study, prayer, and worship. Below is a list of offerings that touch on these three areas.

  • more details  Youth Group

    Sundays at 9:20-10:20am

    Youth Formation in the Youth Room.

    One Sunday a month the youth gather in the afternoon for either a fun event or a service project.

  • more details Youth Acolytes

    Any young person age 5 or older can be an acolyte. Acolytes serve the church in a special ministry. They add dignity and beauty to our more formal liturgies, and they give practical help in any church service. Acolytes are extremely important, as they serve the people gathered to honor God.

    Is being an Acolyte hard? Most people don’t think so. Will people be mad at you if you mess up? Absolutely not! It's important to come to training and ask questions if you are confused. If you get confused during the service, it's OK to speak to the priest, deacon or another more experienced acolyte, to find out quickly what you need to do. Sometimes unexpected things come up right during the service, and an adult will ask you to do something. It's OK to ask a question then, too.