In the Episcopal Church, Rite I and Rite ll both come from the adoption of the new Book of Common Prayer in 1979. The traditional language rites are known as Rite I, and the contemporary language rites are known as Rite II.

Sunday 8:15 AM Service: Rite I

This quiet, contemplative service with music and singing features a traditional Anglican-style form of worship, based on the Book of Common Prayer, Rite I.

Sunday 10:30 AM Service: Rite II

This service uses the ancient Anglican form of the Mass in modern, accessible language. It features prayers, scripture readings, and hymns. The chancel choir and experienced directors lead music and signing. This service also includes a separate worship time for children, appropriate to their ages, and a brief children’s sermon during the service.

Wednesday Noonday Eucharist 12:05 PM

The midday Eucharist is offered for people who want a contemplative break in their workday and who want a thoughtful time of quiet prayer and worship.