The Adult Forum on the Psalms starts on October 16, and runs through Sunday, November 20, led by Dr. Matthew Moravec. The class meets in the library at 9:30 AM.


Christian Formation Series
Christ Episcopal Church | Temple, Texas
October 16 – November 20, 2022

Provisional Outline of Content
• Week 1: Genre, Part 1 – The Psalms as Poetry
o The importance of genre for the interpretation of texts
o The genre of the psalms
o The formative potential of poetry
o Features of Hebrew poetry (i.e., acrostics, refrains, parallel statements, figurative language)
• Week 2: Genre, Part 2 – Types of Psalms
o Individual lament
o Communal lament
o Song of praise
o Song of thanksgiving
o Wisdom psalms
o Royal psalms
• Week 3: Psalms throughout the Ages
o Historical setting of the Psalms
o Historical usage of the Psalms
o The world of the Psalms vis-à-vis our world
• Week 4: The Psalms in the New Testament – Explicit Usage
o Examples of NT usage of the psalms
o Proof texting of psalms
o Typological usage of psalms
o Metaleptic usage of psalms
• Week 5: The Psalms in the New Testament – Implicit Usage
o Psalms as a key for attuning ourselves to the NT
o Psalms and the Gospel of Luke
 Ps 31 – The Opposed Righteous
 Ps 107 – Reversal and Praise
 Ps 25 – Saving, Teaching, Forgiving
• Week 6: Review and Overview of how to better engage with the Psalms
o Review of weeks 1–5
o Psalms as addressing the questions of pop culture
o The Psalms as music
o Monthly reading of the Psalms in the Anglican tradition