The Virtual Mission Trip is what the Youth group will be doing in lieu of our planned Mission Trip to New Orleans.  In the Virtual Mission Trip, we will be learning about Honduras and the Medical, Dental, Educational, and Spiritual Needs that are being addressed by Honduras Good Works. Our Medical Brigade that was planned for July is on hold, but we are continuing to look for the possibility to get Medication down later this year.

During the Virtual Mission Trip, our Youth Group will get to experience planning, learn about Honduras, see the efforts that are made in El Paraíso, the area we service, and experience a little of the logistics that go into the planning and efforts for each day.  There will be activities that can be experienced “at home”, aka a few examples of what our kids would be doing if they were on the Medical Brigade and we will be getting together on a Zoom Chat in the evenings during the first week of August. The group will provide a daily experience of pictures and videos for everyone to follow along.

Would you like to support this year’s mission trip? You can! Watch your front lawn for a flock of flamingos to show up uninvited. The Youth Group will remove the swarm for a “fee”, or donation. Proceeds from this go to fund this year’s virtual mission trip.

Would you like to help wrangle flamingos? We need volunteers to deliver and pick up flamingos. Contact Deacon Becky Sparks to volunteer or for more information, 254-220-1737.